Our Chapters!

Nomadic Community By Design

Casa Basilico is on a mission on being the Best Digital Nomad Community around, we want to have in impact on people and change their life.

We want to show a different lifestyle, less structured and more spontaneous, focus on connections, good food and friendship

We hit up a new spot every 2 to 3 months, calling these adventures our Chapters.

A one-month stay is our go-to because it's just the right amount of time to make friends, get to know the place, meet the locals, and nail down that perfect work-travel balance.

Every spot we choose comes with a cozy coworking area or a friendly coworking space designed for productivity.
Each communal workspace is selected to make you feel right at home in our big family. Our goal? To provide you with a fantastic spot to work and connect with others just like you, wherever you join us.