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Who we Are

We gather like-minded people, we cook, eat & have fun together.


Digital Nomads

We are Digital Nomads ourselves. Our project is inspired by our travels around the world and working remotely. Throughout our past experiences we are bringing what’s best from the destinations we’ve visited to Casa Basilico. Finding the balance between everyday working routines, crazy adventures and creating unforgettable memories.

"Family by Choice"

We want to share our journey with other like-minded people and spread the love doing what makes us truly happy. That’s why in Casa Basilico every evening you will  find us in a huge table, cooking together while playing our favourite songs.

Funny Pasta Lovers

Let’s make it less serious now. Those who know us knows, we are doing this because of the pure joy of bring with other crazy people and cooking pasta together. Easy as that! Because life is too short to be boring.

Behind the Madness

Italian & Polish siblings by choice


Founder of Juls Studio


Co-Founder & CTO of Dink

Givers, Not Takers

Givers, not Takers

Hey, Fabio and Juls here, we want to write this paragraph from our heart, as this is the real soul of Casa Basilico.

We met in Madeira island in September 2022, that time the island was a melting pot of Digital Nomads craving to meet each other, we remember that in that period this mantra was everywhere: Be a Giver, not a Taker.

This is at the very root of Casa Basilico, we give so much to the community, cooking the whole night for so many people, skipping sleep to organize activities, but this doesn't matter, we alway got back more, in terms of Love, community, Friendship, this warmth feeling of Family that makes us craving for more adventures to share together.

If you join Casa Basilico be a Giver, this is the best way to create community.

Embrace Casa Basilico as Your Own Here, you're not just a guest, this is not AirBnB; you're part of the Casa Basilico family. We cherish each other with the warmth, respect, and kindness of a true home. Let's create an environment where everyone feels welcome and valued, just like family.

Be the Support You Seek In our Casa, everyone has a role in lifting each other up. Keep an eye out for opportunities to lend a hand or share a word of encouragement. Remember, in our community, we thrive by ensuring we've all got each other's backs.

Engage and Enrich Our Community Our collective spirit is the heartbeat of Casa Basilico. Participation is key—consider what unique gifts you can offer to make our community even more vibrant. Whether it's your time, skills, or simply your presence, every contribution enriches us all.

This is your chance to grow in both your personal and professional life, finding your friends, your travel buddies, your business partner or your next digital nomad job.
Casa Basilico

Pack your stretchy pants and join us in Spain for the ultimate foodie coliving!

Warning: may cause extreme satisfaction, food comas, and an uncontrollable urge to move to Spain.
Spain Chapter
Spain Chapter