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Casa Basilico is a Coliving Pop-up for Digital Nomads.
We spread love through cooking & real community.

🎥: Weronika

Embrace the Digital Nomad Lifestyle with Us

Casa Basilico is not one of the Coliving apartments you book on Airbnb, it’s an experience inspired by the freedom of living and working remotely optimized for traveler pursuing the perfect Digital Nomad Lifestyle.

Thanks to our past travels around remote communities, we perfectly understand what digital nomad life tastes like.

Our mission is to bring the best of this life to you — combining remote work with crazy adventures, mouth watering culinary experiences and creating life lasting memories with an amazing community.
We want to show a different lifestyle, less structured and more spontaneous, focus on connections, good food and friendship

Your Gateway to the Best Digital Nomad Destinations

Next Chapter Las Palmas, Spain

Our next chapter unfolds in Las Palmas, Spain, a city renowned for its digital nomad-friendly community, breathtaking landscapes, and great coworking options. You'll find everything you need close by. Go for easy walks or bike rides by the sea, with instagrable places to eat and hipster spots to drink coffee with your surf class crush. Gran Canaria is one of the top rated digital nomad destinations, as it gives you the opportunity to travel and work remotely.

You will stay in a unique Villa located in Ciudad Jardín, one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The house consists of 9 bedrooms, 3 of them with access to a balcony, and guests share 4 full bathrooms and an additional toilet. Perfect Wi Fi in each room to stay connected, of course!

You can enjoy two fully equipped shared kitchens, a lounge area with tv, a shared indoor workspace, and a spacious patio garden with outdoor workspace and chill-out area with barbecue, perfect for networking and socializing.

Each room has a dedicated, comfortable space for work. If you are a coworking enthusiast we got you, dedicated cowork is available for you 24/4 and it’s only 20 min walk from the house.

We launched a spring sale that will be available only until the 14th April, don't miss it!
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What we Offer

Adventure in Casa Basilico


Wake up, commute, work, take away sandwich, back home, Netflix, got sleep and repeat. And like this every single day?

In Casa Basilico every day looks differently.

Go for a morning yoga session at the beach, or have the crispy croissant with cappuccino in a nearby cafe - the best community workspace , why not grabbing your laptop and do your meetings from there.

Cook the most delicious carbonara for lunch and burn it, try local street food, enjoy a beach volley match or sunset surf session. On a weekend jump on a catamaran and eat fresh fish. End the weekend with some insane Basilico party where you will connect
Adventure in Casa Basilico


Our mission is complete when we hear “It was the best month of my life“. Our foodie coliving is all about creating meaningful memories with adventure and good vibes.

From spontaneous road trips to laid-back beach days, we're always down for whatever the weekend throws our way. With our communal workspaces as our home base, we're free to roam and explore, soaking up the best that each destination has to offer.

Whether we're sharing stories around the bonfire or hitting the trails together, every memory we make is one for the books.
Food in Casa Basilico


At Casa Basilico, our kitchen is a foodie's paradise, where cooking isn't just about meals—it's about building lasting friendships.

We believe that food has the power to bring people closer, creating moments of connection and joy. With every dish we create, from homemade pasta to exotic spices, we're not just cooking; we're crafting experiences.

Our communal kitchen is where culinary dreams come alive, where laughter is shared, and stories are swapped over delicious meals. Join us at Casa Basilico, where cooking is a celebration of life, and every bite tells a story of friendship.
Coworking in Casa Basilico

Paradise Office

Find your ideal work spot with a view that's guaranteed to make your coworkers jealous at Casa Basilico's insane co-living spaces.

Tucked away in lively digital nomad cities, our community offer communal work areas that radiate relaxed vibes. You'll effortlessly blend work and adventure.

Find your ideal work spot with a view that's guaranteed to make your coworkers jealous at Casa Basilico's insane co-living spaces.

Tucked away in lively digital nomad cities, our community offer communal work areas that radiate relaxed vibes. You'll effortlessly blend work and adventure.

Explore the best digital nomad hotspots while enjoying comfy accommodation with stunning view, work from anywhere while travel the world.

Who We are

Casa Basilico Founders in Sardinia
📸: Weronika

Digital Nomad Community

As fellow digital nomads, Casa Basilico embodies our journey of remote work and global exploration. Inspired by our adventures in digital nomad cities around the world, we've created a welcoming co-living space where work and adventure seamlessly blend together.

With community workspaces and remote work travel programs, Casa Basilico is not just a co-living apartment—it's a hub for digital nomad life, building the next location independent digital nomad community.

We connect with locals, we dig in the culture, we met the expat community we enjoy and share our freedom to work from anywhere.

"Family by Choice"

At Casa Basilico, we're all about building connections and spreading happiness among our coliving community.

Every evening, you'll find us gathered around a big table in our communal coworking space, sharing stories and cooking together. With our favorite tunes setting the mood, Casa Basilico feels more like a coliving community than just a place to stay.

Funny Pasta Lovers

And of course, amidst our digital nomad work and adventures, we have a soft spot for pasta! Cooking pasta together at Casa Basilico is a fun way to bond with fellow nomadic tech enthusiasts. It's all about sharing your best stories while chopping the onion and sipping cold white wine.
Casa Basilico

Pack your stretchy pants and join us in Spain for the ultimate foodie coliving!

Warning: may cause extreme satisfaction, food comas, and an uncontrollable urge to move to Spain.
Spain Chapter
Spain Chapter