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Our Values

At Casa Basilico, we're like a family of full-time travelers who share common interests. We are brought together by our love for pasta. We are more than just a community.

We found each other while roaming the globe, all in pursuit of freedom, fun, and a life lived to the fullest with our interpretation of the digital nomad lifestyle.

Julia e Fabio, founders of Casa Basilico are living and working remotely for years, this project comes after so many experiences between different digital nomad community around the globe.


Embrace the unexpected with Casa Basilico. Our journey is about welcoming surprise encounters and experiences, turning ordinary days into extraordinary adventures. Spontaneity is our compass, leading us to unforgettable moments and stories worth sharing.


Together, we create infinite experiences, learning and growing with each shared adventure. Our collective spirit is the heart of Casa Basilico, where every member contributes to a vibrant, supportive, and crazy community.


Deep, meaningful connections are the soul of our community. We thrive on the bonds formed over shared sunsets, midnight pasta cooking, and conversations that stretch into the night. In this space, friendships blossom, offering infinite laugh, networking events, experiences and real friendship on this nomadic journey.


Adventure is our mantra, pushing us to explore the uncharted and embrace the beauty of the unknown. With Casa Basilico, every destination is a new chapter of discovery, filled with challenges to overcome and wonders to behold.


Food is our universal language of love and connection. From improvised pasta nights to elaborate communal feasts, our meals are a celebration of diverse cultures and the joy of cooking together.

Food is just an excuse, we are here for the process.

Join the Community

Joining Casa Basilico

Dive into our world by following us on Social Media, where we share updates on our digital nomad travel programs and glimpses into our adventurous life. Our stories offer a peek into our values and the essence of what makes us the best Coliving in the world, hands down.

Be among the first to know about our upcoming adventures by subscribing to our newsletter. Spots fill up quickly, so seize the moment, step out of your comfort zone, and embark on this journey with us.

Post-application, you’ll have a quick chat with our founders, pick your ideal private room, and secure your spot in our next escapade.

Why Our Application Process Matters

Crafting a community as unique as ours is no small feat. It takes careful selection and a deep understanding of group dynamics to foster an environment where authentic friendships flourish.

Our application process, with quick video interviews, ensures we meet the real you. It's a crucial step for those genuinely seeking a community-centered, collaborative digital nomad experience.

Our People

Remote Worker's Paradise

While having a remote job isn't a prerequisite, Casa Basilico thrives on the energy of remote workers, travelers, and anyone on a personal mission, be it academic research, creative projects, or entrepreneurial ventures.

What matters is that you love to do your work from anywhere, wether is a coffee shop or a WeWork in Paris, wether you work full time managing timezones or you work part time to have the optimal work life balance.

Why Our Application Process Matters

Our members are as diverse as their ambitions - from creatives like designers and filmmakers to innovators like developers and entrepreneurs, and even scholars and specialists across various fields.

With a majority aged 25-35, our community celebrates a rich gender diversity and represents over 60 nationalities, all united by a love for freedom, a zest for life, and the pursuit of adventure.

Remote Work

Remote Work in a Digital Nomad Coliving

Digital Nomad Traveling Programs

We travel in Chapters, every time in a different place, for 2/3 months.

The minimum stay is usually 1 month, as this is the minimum amount of time to create well bonded community, get familiar with the place, meet locals and find a perfect routine for working while traveling remotely.


Before going in each place we carefully make sure that working will be e seamless process.

We lookup for best Coworking Spaces, we build partnership, we make sure that Internet Speed and Wi fi coverage in your private room is perfect, that the communal areas offer the perfect environment for making the things done.

At Casa Basilico, we carefully choose places that have top-notch coworking spaces with speedy internet.

Our community workspaces and communal workspaces are designed to make sure you have a great spot to work and connect with others.

We make sure each location has a community cowork area or a community coworking space that’s welcoming and perfect for getting stuff done. Plus, every communal office and commune coworking space is picked to help you feel part of our big family. We want you to have an awesome place to work and meet folks like you, no matter where you’re with us.

Work is important, but we are not our job.

Being a Digital Nomad means abandon the workaholic world of the big cities, with stress, traffic, subway and terrible weather.

Casa Basilico offers a sweet spot, between traveling with your friends as being on holidays during weekends and working hard, getting the things done in a comfortable Coworking space during the week.

Not sacrificing our professional growth is what makes this nomad lifestyle sustainable.
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How much does it costs to live my life fully in Casa Basilico?

Casa Basilico has a different price in every chapter.

Usually prices changes according to Location and kind of accomodation. We try to keep our prices low as much as we can, we want everyone to be able to join our program from every corner of the world.

Long Term Travel Buddies

Good news is that being a Basilico assures you discounts for the next chapters!

We do this because we want to continue travel the world for long term with our friends over and over again.

Casa Basilico alumni are going to bring the values of Casa Basilico from chapter to chapter and they are going to keep this flame alive.

2nd Chapter: -10.00%

3rd Chapter: -15.00%

4th Chapter: -20.00%

5th Chapter: -25.00%

Givers, not Takers

Hey, Fabio and Juls here, we want to write this paragraph from our heart, as this is the real soul of Casa Basilico.

We met in Madeira island in September 2022, that time the island was a melting pot of Digital Nomads craving to meet each other, we remember that in that period this mantra was everywhere: Be a Giver, not a Taker.

This is at the very root of Casa Basilico, we give so much to the community, cooking the whole night for so many people, skipping sleep to organize activities, but this doesn't matter, we alway got back more, in terms of Love, community, Friendship, this warmth feeling of Family that makes us craving for more adventures to share together.

If you join Casa Basilico be a Giver, this is the best way to create community.

Embrace Casa Basilico as Your Own Here, you're not just a guest, this is not AirBnB; you're part of the Casa Basilico family. We cherish each other with the warmth, respect, and kindness of a true home. Let's create an environment where everyone feels welcome and valued, just like family.

Be the Support You Seek In our Casa, everyone has a role in lifting each other up. Keep an eye out for opportunities to lend a hand or share a word of encouragement. Remember, in our community, we thrive by ensuring we've all got each other's backs.

Engage and Enrich Our Community Our collective spirit is the heartbeat of Casa Basilico. Participation is key—consider what unique gifts you can offer to make our community even more vibrant. Whether it's your time, skills, or simply your presence, every contribution enriches us all.

This is your chance to grow in both your personal and professional life, finding your friends, your travel buddies, your business partner or your next digital nomad job.
Casa Basilico

Pack your stretchy pants and join us in Spain for the ultimate foodie coliving!

Warning: may cause extreme satisfaction, food comas, and an uncontrollable urge to move to Spain.
Spain Chapter
Spain Chapter