Top 6 Coliving Spaces for Digital Nomads in Brazil

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DEC 23
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Hey there, fellow digital nomads! If you're like me, always on the hunt for cool places to stay while roaming the globe, you'll love what Brazil has to offer.

Ditch the usual hotel rooms; it's time to dive into some of Brazil's coolest coliving spaces.

These spots aren't just about a roof and a Wi-Fi password; they're about community, creativity, and those chill vibes we all crave.

Nomades Coliving & Coworking, Florianopolis

Ever dreamed of living right by a canal? Nomades in Barra da Lagoa is your spot. It's chill, it's productive, and you can snag a private room starting at just $450 a month. Talk about a steal for beachside bliss!

Casa Basilico, Pipa

Something really special - Casa Basilico in Pipa. This place isn't just a coliving space; it's a whole experience. Think working in paradise, mingling with cool folks, beach yoga sessions, and pasta nights that turn strangers into friends. It's where work and play and dance together under the Brazilian sun.

So there you have it! From serene canal-side retreats to bustling city vibes, Brazil's got a coliving spot for every kind of nomad. Whether you're looking to zone in on work or just kick back with some new pals, these places have got you covered. And hey, if Northern Brazil is on your radar, make sure to check out Casa Basilico in Pipa – it's the ultimate spot to blend work, adventure, and community.

A Morada Coliving, Florianopolis

A Morada in Rio Tavares is like that super cool house everyone wants to hang out at. It's got a laid-back feel and a touch of nature's magic. Sure, finding the price might take a bit of digging, but this place is all about the vibe.

Cool Meia, Florianopolis

If you're into making friends and being part of a buzzing community, Cool Meia in Joao Paulo is your jam. They keep it real on Instagram and have racked up some solid reviews on Google Maps.

Garden 437, Florianopolis

More of a hotel-meets-coworking kind of place, Garden 437 in Canasveiras offers a sweet spot for shorter stays. Expect to pay around R$250 a night for a mix of cozy stay and coworking perks.

Urbano Coliving, State of Bahia

Hidden in Alagoinhas, Urbano Coliving is a gem with awesome facilities and a tight-knit community feel. It's perfect if you're after that authentic city vibe mixed with some chill times.

As we wrap up our journey through Brazil's most inviting coliving spaces for digital nomads, it's clear that each location offers something unique. From the serene shores of Florianopolis to the bustling streets of Bahia, these coliving environments are more than just places to stay; they're communities where creativity, work, and leisure harmoniously blend. Whether you're a seasoned digital nomad or just starting your remote work adventure, Brazil's diverse coliving spaces cater to all needs. Embrace the opportunity to immerse yourself in local cultures, forge lasting friendships, and find the perfect balance between work and play. Don't forget to bookmark this guide for your next Brazilian adventure, and stay tuned for more insights into the digital nomad lifestyle around the globe. Remember, the world is your office!

Life in Pipa, Brazil as a digital nomad

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