Top 4 Coliving in Spain for Digital Nomads

Find your next destination in sunny Spain with Colivings featuring dedicated Coworking Space for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers
22 Mar 2024
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Costa Calma in Fuerteventura

Finding the perfect coliving space can be a game-changer for remote workers and digital nomads seeking the best places to live and work remotely. This guide simplifies your search, highlighting essential information to help you choose your next destination. Remote work has skyrocketed in popularity, making it easier than ever for those with a laptop and reliable Wi-Fi to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle.

Why Coliving?

Coliving offers an exciting blend of communal living and working environments, perfect for those craving community and convenience. It's ideal for anyone looking for affordable office space, a private workspace, or a communal workspace that fosters collaboration and innovation. Whether you're interested in coliving homes, apartments, or communities, these spaces offer an unparalleled opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals.

What are the Benefits of Coliving?

Coliving isn't just about finding a cheap office for rent or a communal coworking space; it's about embracing a lifestyle that balances work and adventure. These spaces are nestled in the best cities for remote work, offering stunning natural surroundings that inspire productivity and creativity. From fast Wi-Fi to stylish workspaces and community events, coliving spaces provide everything you need to thrive.

Affordability and Flexibility

Coliving spaces are a cost-effective solution for digital nomads exploring the best places for remote work without the hassle of long-term leases or high rental costs. These spaces offer the flexibility to live and work in beautiful locations, potentially even meeting your next business partner or significant other in these vibrant communities.

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Top Coliving Destinations in Spain

Spain stands out as one of the top destinations for digital nomads, offering an array of coliving spaces that cater to a nomadic lifestyle. Whether you're seeking the best cities for digital nomads, remote work-friendly communities, or the ideal spot to balance work and play, our selection of coliving spaces in Spain has got you covered.

Explore the World of Coliving

Coliving is more than just a housing option; it's a gateway to a global community of remote workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. Whether you're looking for coliving companies, homes, or communities, these spaces provide the perfect environment for networking, collaboration, and personal growth.

Embrace the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Becoming a digital nomad has never been easier, thanks to the rise of coliving spaces and coworking communities. With resources on how to become a digital nomad, the best digital nomad jobs, and tips for living a nomadic lifestyle, you're well-equipped to explore the world while maintaining a productive and fulfilling work life.

Ready to dive into the world of coliving and discover the best places to live and work remotely? Start your journey today and unlock the freedom to work from anywhere, meet new people, and experience the beauty of coliving communities around the globe.

Casa Basilico Coliving in Canary Islands

Teide Mountain Tenerife

Casa Basilico is not one of the Coliving apartments you book on Airbnb, it’s an experience inspired by the freedom of living and working remotely optimized for traveler pursuing the perfect Digital Nomad Lifestyle.

Mission is to bring the best of this life to you — combining remote work with crazy adventures, mouth watering culinary experiences and creating life lasting memories with an amazing community.

Casa Basilico shows a different lifestyle, less structured and more spontaneous, focus on connections, good food and friendships.

Next Chapter will be in sunny Gran Canaria, Spain for May and June 2024

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Sende in Senderiz (North of Spain)

North of Spain

Sende it’s a Rural Coliving in Northern Spain.

In 2014, María and Edo created Sende, a special place for living and working together, and it quickly became one of the first of its kind. They know how to make everyone feel welcome. Sende is in a tiny village with only 20 people! Can you imagine? For fun, Sende is perfect because it's in the mountains of northern Spain. This means you can go hiking or biking and enjoy lots of outdoor activities. It's a great spot for adventures!

La Kookaburra in Coin (Malaga)

Malage Spain

To escape the mundane and delve into the remarkable, this co-living space and retreat center serves as an ideal sanctuary for digital nomads, remote workers, self-developers, and solo travelers. It offers a unique environment to harmonize the spirited essence of one's inner wild child with the refined aspects of their civilized nature.

Within this community, individuals connect, share, and evolve, collectively uplifting one another and catalyzing waves of transformation across the globe. Co-living and workations here promise an unparalleled experience of growth and discovery.

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Sun and Co. Jávea (Costa Blanca)

Costa Blanca Spain

Sun and Co. has established itself as a premier coliving space in Spain and across Europe. Located in the picturesque, historic city of Jávea, Sun and Co. has been operational for more than four years, hosting over 300 location-independent workers from around the globe.

As the inaugural Coliving and Coworking community along the entire Mediterranean coast, Sun and Co. stands out, yet it finds itself in the good company of other spaces.

Choosing the Ideal Coliving Space: Essential Tips for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

Selecting the perfect coliving space is crucial whether you're a budding professional or a seasoned remote worker. Here are nine key factors to guide you in finding the best coliving space that suits your needs.

Essential Factors for Picking the Right Coliving Space

1. Understanding Coliving Costs

2. Evaluating the Location

3. Assessing WiFi Quality

4. Knowing Your Privacy Preferences

5. Exploring Common Areas

6. Checking Coworking Facilities

7. Amenities and Local Attractions

8. The Coliving Community Vibe

9. Standards of Cleanliness

Breaking Down the Selection Criteria

Coliving Costs

Coliving prices vary globally, so setting a budget before starting your search is wise. Consider room type and stay duration, as both significantly affect costs. Shared rooms may be economical and foster connections, yet privacy needs vary. Longer stays often mean lower nightly rates, enhancing the slow travel experience.

If you can, always ask for a discount, sometimes works.


Many coliving spaces are strategically located near major cities, offering great accommodation at affordable prices. Yet, not everyone seeks urban life. Spaces like Casa Basilico attracts people that wants to escape huge multi million people cities, and stay in smaller cities with beach vibes and walkable distance top spots.

WiFi Reliability

For remote work, fast and stable WiFi is non-negotiable. Casa Basilico research every location in advance to guarantee top WiFi connection in every location.

Good coverage in the house is always important for us, and we provide Coliving Space with quiet areas where you can have your zoom meetings.

Your Privacy Levels

Coliving balances communal living with personal space. Respect for privacy varies, and most spaces offer different room options to suit privacy needs. Activities in shared spaces can push comfort zones, fostering a community spirit, like Cooking for example, in Casa Basilico we validated this hypothesis many times, Cooking is the key for starting to build a proper community.

Common Areas

Vital to coliving, common areas are where connections are made. Kitchens, lounges, and patios are spaces for interaction, relaxation, or solitude, reflecting the community's heart.

Coworking Spaces

A defining feature, coworking areas enable productivity and collaboration. Cads Bsdilivo offers not just shared office space but also opportunities for professional development through workshops or simple coffee chats.

Amenities and Surroundings

Choose a coliving space that aligns with your lifestyle. Whether it's access to outdoor activities or a vibrant social scene, the environment plays a significant role in your coliving experience.

Coliving Community

Coliving spaces serve as hubs for like-minded individuals, offering a mix of social and professional networking opportunities. Joining a community like Casa Basilico means integrating into a dynamic, supportive family. We work together, we organize activities, sometimes we party, but in the end we just want to build a big family, that travels together in every corner of the planet.


Cleanliness is paramount, especially in current times. Opt for coliving spaces that employ professional cleaning services, ensuring a safe, tidy environment.

Casa Basilico offers weekly cleaning in every chapter.

Why Choose Casa Basilico in Las Palmas?

Costa Blanca Spain

    • Strategic Location: Nestled in the vibrant heart of Las Palmas, Casa Basilico places you in close proximity to the city's finest beaches, bustling local markets, and cultural landmarks. Everything you need for a fulfilling island life is just a stone's throw away.
    • Built for Community: Our coliving space goes beyond mere accommodation by fostering a lively community where you can connect and create with like-minded individuals. It’s an environment that inspires collaboration, growth, and lasting friendships.
    • Tailored for Productivity and Comfort: Equipped with high-speed internet, dedicated communal workspaces, and cozy living quarters, Casa Basilico ensures that both your work and personal needs are met with the highest standards.
    • Live the Canary Islands Dream: Embrace the lower cost of living without compromising on quality. Our coliving space in Las Palmas offers an affordable gateway to experiencing the Canary Islands' unique charm, from its eternal spring weather to its diverse landscapes and rich culture.

    Last but not least, infinite quantity of PASTA!


    Fabio Deriu

    Casa Basilico Co-Founder
    Digital Nomad Paradise in Spain