Why a Coliving in Las Palmas will change your Digital Nomad Life

Exploring the Best of Coliving in Spain
18 Mar 2024
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Las Palmas Gran Canaria Sunset

Exploring the Best of Coliving in Spain: Why Las Palmas is a Digital Nomad's Paradise

Picture this: You're typing away on your laptop, the sound of waves gently crashing in the background, and the warmth of the sun kissing your skin.

Welcome to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, where the digital nomad lifestyle transcends the ordinary.

This gem in the Canary Islands is not just a place; it's a vibrant, sun-soaked lifestyle that beckons remote workers from all corners of the globe.

Let's dive into what makes Las Palmas a paradise for digital nomads.

Eternal Spring Awaits

Gran Canaria boasts an enviable climate, affectionately dubbed the "eternal spring."

With around 300 days of sunshine annually and temperatures that rarely dip below comfy, Las Palmas offers the perfect backdrop for productivity and leisure. Say goodbye to the dreary days that drain your energy and hello to year-round motivation and outdoor adventures.

A Melting Pot of Cultures

Las Palmas is a cultural mosaic, blending Spanish charm with influences from Africa and beyond. The island's history is rich, with stories lingering in every corner—from the ancient Berber settlements to the Spanish conquests. This cultural diversity is celebrated through vibrant festivals, mouth-watering cuisine, and a welcoming community that makes everyone feel at home.

Your Budget Will Thank You

One of Gran Canaria's many perks is its affordability. Compared to many European destinations, your money stretches further here, allowing for a comfortable lifestyle without breaking the bank. Whether it's finding a cozy apartment, dining out, or enjoying the myriad of activities the island offers, Las Palmas provides an economic advantage that's hard to beat.

A Hub for Remote Work

The island's remote work infrastructure is second to none, with a thriving community of digital nomads and coworking spaces designed to inspire.

Places like Casa Basilico aren't just work spaces; they're creative hubs where ideas flourish and friendships form. You'll meet new people from foreign countries with location independent jobs.

Plus, with the fastest internet in the Canary Islands, staying connected and productive is a breeze.

Adventure at Every Turn

Las Palmas' allure isn't just its work-life balance; it's the adventures waiting at your doorstep.

From hidden beaches and scenic hiking trails to surfing spots and canyons, the island is a playground for the adventurous spirit.

Whether you're exploring the rugged landscapes or soaking up the sun on a sandy beach, Gran Canaria offers a natural workspace like no other.

Life's a Beach (But Not Only)

While Las Palmas' beaches are a surfer's paradise, they might not be everyone's cup of tea. Some areas can be crowded or have strong waves, but that's just a tiny part of what the island offers. Beyond the beaches, you'll find tranquil mountain retreats, bustling city life, and peaceful countryside—all within easy reach.

Finding Your Place

Gran Canaria might have its quirks—like the need for a car to explore its hidden gems or the over-development in certain areas. Yet, these are small trade-offs for the incredible diversity and beauty the island offers.

From the buzzing atmosphere of Las Palmas to the serene valleys and picturesque towns, there's a spot for every preference and lifestyle.

Seamless Connectivity

Digital nomads live and breathe by their internet connection, and Gran Canaria excels in this department. With island-wide 4G, emerging 5G in urban areas, and numerous spots offering free Wi-Fi, staying connected is effortless. Whether you prefer working from a bustling café, a tranquil beach, or a lively coworking space, you'll find the perfect spot to fuel your productivity.

A Taste of Local Life

Gran Canaria's culinary scene is a reflection of its cultural diversity, offering an array of flavors from traditional Spanish dishes to international cuisine. Whether you're indulging in local delicacies like papas arrugadas con mojo or exploring the only coffee plantation in Europe, the island offers a culinary journey that's as diverse as its landscapes.

Making the Move

Considering a longer stay? Spain's Digital Nomad Visa offers a golden opportunity for non-EU citizens working remotely for companies outside Spain. With this visa, you can immerse yourself in the Las Palmas lifestyle, enjoy the community, and explore the island's wonders—all while keeping your professional life thriving.

Safety and Community

Gran Canaria is a safe haven, offering peace of mind alongside its scenic beauty. The island's low crime rate and friendly community create an environment where you can relax and focus on what truly matters—whether that's your work, your adventures, or the new friendships you'll forge in this digital nomad paradise.

Ready to make Gran Canaria your next remote work destination? Las Palmas is not just a place to visit; it's a lifestyle to embrace. With its unbeatable climate, vibrant culture, and welcoming community, it's no wonder digital nomads are calling this island home. See you in the sun!

Las Palmas Coliving

Advantages of Shared Living: Community, Coworking, and Economical Living in Spain

Instant Community in the Heart of Spain

A prime advantage of coliving in Spain, from bustling Barcelona to serene Tenerife or vibrant Las Palmas, is the instant community it fosters. Digital nomads and travelers alike thrive in an environment rich with shared interests and experiences, from coworking sessions and communal meals to explorations of Gran Canaria's lost places or celebrating La Noche de San Juan. This camaraderie often seeds professional collaborations, referrals, and new ventures.

Coworking Spaces Tailored for Productivity

The integration of dedicated coworking areas within coliving spaces across Spain, including Gran Canaria and Tenerife, ensures high-speed internet, essential office amenities, and spaces designed to inspire creativity.

Regular events, workshops, and talks further enrich the coworking experience, balancing productivity with the social aspects of coliving life.

Economical Shared Living Solutions

Coliving offers an economically savvy option to experience Spain's prime locations without the hefty price tag.

Shared apartments or houses in Las Palmas, Barcelona, or Tenerife split living costs, making it more affordable to live in desirable locales.

These Coliving spaces often boast additional amenities, enhancing the living experience without straining your budget.

Casa Basilico offers private rooms for a competitive price, with access to Coliving Space, organized events and a family like environment surrounded by like minded people.

Coliving in Spain serves as a beacon for digital nomads and remote workers seeking a community-oriented, cost-effective living solution in some of Spain's most enticing cities. This setup not only provides a platform for immediate social networking but also a supportive backdrop for personal and professional growth.

FAQs on Spain's Coliving Scene for Digital Nomads

What's Coliving All About?

Coliving in Spain, from the Canary Islands to Barcelona, melds shared housing with community living, designed especially for digital nomads. This arrangement offers private or shared rooms, coworking spaces, and communal activities, fostering a supportive network that eases the transition to a nomadic lifestyle in Spain.

Why Opt for Coliving in Spain?

The benefits of choosing coliving in Spain are manifold:

  • Forge deep connections with fellow nomads.
  • Learn from experienced digital nomads and tap into a wealth of knowledge and skills.
  • Discover insider tips on the best coworking spots and leisure activities in Las Palmas, Tenerife, and beyond.
  • Save money! Enjoy cost-sharing advantages, making living in sought-after locations more accessible.
  • Concentrate on your work with coliving spaces taking care of household management.

How Much Does Coliving Cost?

Coliving spaces in Spain vary in price, generally ranging from €800 to €2500 per month, depending on the specific location, amenities offered, and room type.

Most coliving arrangements require a minimum stay, catering to both short-term and longer-term living preferences.

Choosing the Perfect Communal Living Space

When selecting a coliving space in Spain, weigh factors such as location, coworking amenities, community engagement, and budget.

Whether your preference leans towards the cultural vibrancy of Barcelona, the serene beauty of Tenerife, or the dynamic lifestyle of Las Palmas, Spain offers a coliving space to meet every digital nomad's needs.

Visa Requirements for Coliving in Spain

For stays under 90 days, most nationals can enter Spain without a visa. Longer stays may necessitate a freelance or self-employment visa.

Many coliving spaces provide assistance with the visa application process, easing the path to a seamless coliving experience in Spain.

In embracing the coliving and coworking lifestyle in Spain, digital nomads find a blend of community, convenience, and culture unmatched in other living arrangements. From the communal vibrancy of Barcelona and Tenerife to the productive atmospheres of coworking spaces in Gran Canaria, Spain's coliving scene offers a compelling proposition for those seeking a harmonious balance of work and exploration.


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Casa Basilico Co-Founder
Digital Nomad Paradise in Spain